Some of Our Recent Projects

Community Futures works to support entrepreneurs and small business in our communities, and one way we do this is by working to make our portion of the North Fraser a better place to live and do business. Below are some of our recent community economic development projects.

Stave West Recreational Plan

Community Futures North Fraser is part of the team putting together a work plan for the Stave West part of Mission’s Interpretive Forest. These 50 square kilometers of spectacular forest land, streams, lakes and waterfalls provide the ideal setting for an outdoor recreation hub in the District of Mission. The team is researching best practices as well as continuing to consult with user groups to form a master plan that will guide the course for this ecotourism destination.

Manufacturers’ Association

The Mission Manufacturers’ association is a group formed to support and promote cooperation between local businesses. Community Futures is a sponsor of this group and is working to build value for participating manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer in Mission, contact Community Futures to be a part of this evolving group.

Folk Festival Business Plan

The Mission Folk Festival brings thousands of music fans to Mission every summer, but as a non-profit, volunteer driven organization they don’t always have the resources to create the documentation that funding organizations need. To support the Folk Festival on their 25th anniversary event, Community Futures worked with the festival management to write the business plan.

Mission Harbour Building

The Mission Harbour Authority, working through Community Futures North Fraser, has received $30,000 in a contribution from the Fisheries Legacy Trust to make improvements to the waterfront building. In 2010 the Mission Harbour Authority received money from the Fisheries Legacy Trust to raise and expand this building, but they left out a few features, such as a kitchen, and flooring to cover the cement. These improvements will make this a much more attractive building for community events.

The Fisheries Legacy Trust is Provincial money available to coastal communities impacted by the decline in fish stocks and accessible through 13 coastal Community Futures offices. At the July committee meeting for the Trust the last of this money was distributed. We were made aware this would be the last round of funding, and we worked with the Harbour Authority to ensure they didn’t miss this opportunity to get the funds needed to finish the building.